• Alternative dispute resolution (ADR) methods are an efficient and convenient solution that is an alternative to traditional legal proceedings. In many cases, arbitration proceedings arise from the existence of an arbitration clause that constitutes an “arbitration agreement” within an existing agreement. Unlike an arbitration proceeding, mediation is not a procedure that obliges the parties, but rather a place where the parties are mature and interested in bridging the gaps between them, it is good to conduct a dialogue process on their behalf.
    It is often preferable to conduct a procedure before a mediator. The advantages of a dispute in a mediation proceeding are not trivial, since these proceedings are conducted within a relatively short period of time, allowing the parties to reach a quick resolution of the disputes that arise between them. The proceedings are conducted in secrecy and are not open to all interested parties.
    In order to overcome this process, the mediation institution must be well acquainted, since the rules of the game are slightly different than in the procedure that turns out in court and reach the desired result for the parties. Sometimes the most pleasant and mutual way to resolve the conflict.